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SMS Marketing Service in India

SMS Marketing is the highly effective way of reaching out to customers. SMS are great for appointments, limited time contests, reminders, and coupon promotions.

  • SMS messages are likely to be opened within just five minutes of being received. SMS Services of Bulk SMS Gateway, it is now even cheaper and efficient. SMS Service Provides:
    o Promotional SMS
    o Transactional SMS
    o Real Time Tracking
    o All message type supported
    o Up to 100% SMS Delivery
    o Supports HTTP and SMPP
    o Dedicated Sender ID
    o Web service GUI Webomind’s exclusive promotional messaging services can help you in boosting your business to the right pace as needed. A direct approach to your customer is still the most powerful way to generate leads and grab customers.

    Why Webomind’s Promotional Services is the best? o Quick Lead Generation o No extra software requirements o Powerful gateway o User-friendly web-based interface o Interactive reports o Immediate Message Delivery to Non-DND numbers We will help you to connect a larger audience instantly with easy and convenient accessible promotional messages as every user definitely own mobile devices.

    The bulk SMS service is best for targeting your large customer base without investing a large amount of money. This is because Bulk SMS Gateway provides the cheapest services which deliver fast to all your clients. Your potential customers, as well as old customers, will get attractive product or service promotions, resulting in increased sales and service request.

    Just with your internet connection and a computing device, you can tackle your marketing and promotional practices. Our services are known for the great outputs and great freedom to all our users.

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