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Press kit or media kit is a Public Relations (PR) staple

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Press Release Distribution

Press releases, as the name suggest are used to distribute the business related information to journalists, reporters, and news outlets. When you have to lay out some information to a larger audience, the best way is to use a press release so that the information is distributed to a larger set of people.

Importance of press release:

  • 1) If any new product or service is launched.

  • 2) It improves the brand image as more and more audience are engaged. It helps in gaining popularity.

  • 3) Press release also drives the interest of people in the particular brand, and they talk to each other on the particular brand.

  • 4) This a very efficient and cost effective way as the word is spread to a larger audience in a very little amount of time with no hassle.

  • 5) Press releases are portable; people can read it anywhere, a magazine, on their cell phones, or even their laptops.

We at Webomind have hands on experience in designing eye-ctaching and informative press release. We will help you distribute your content worldwide in the following ways –

  • • Paid Media :
  • This is the traditional way of spreading the information via print, television, radio, retail/channel.

  • • Owned Media :
  • We collaborate with corporate websites and can help spread information via campaigns, blogs, brand community etc.

  • • Earned Media :
  • This is a new platform which is gaining popularity nowadays, i.e social media like Facebook or Twitter. We can help promote your brand via such media platforms by posting ads, recommendations for your brand.

Guest Posting :

Guest posting means publishing your article on someone else’s website or blog as your own. People do that in order to gain popularity from websites which are already highly reputed. It’s an incredible way to connect with new readers and a larger audience and gain popularity.

Posting your articles on other’s platforms helps you get more backlinks and generate more traffic to your website. Guest posting introduces you to a larger set of audience. Hence, you gain publicity and can add value to the discussion forums, and can have many fans or followers.