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What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is the formula which a web designer uses to create flexible web page layouts with self-adjusting images and all other elements. The main goal is to create web page which respond according to the type of device used by the user to see it.

Making it simpler, Responsive Web Design is just an approach to create seamless design of web pages that can easily identify the visitor’s device window and resize itself according the window size.

Website design and Its Importance:

With the growing technology it is important to design a website with different elements which respond to all kind of window sizes. So the responsive web design is important to make big appearance of your brand to the audience. If your website is properly structured and simple, it would help the user to spend more time on your page and learn about your products. And thus increase your lead conversion.

It works on the principle of fluid grids. In simpler language, each element of webpage is divided in proportion. For example, if you wish to divide a page in 3 columns then you wouldn’t need to divide it in columns, rather divide each column in proportion to other columns. So size the page like 1st column would take 50% of the screen and second column 30% and 3rd would take 20% of screen size.

How UI and UX can help in more conversion and getting leads?

We at Webomind have been in website design from quite a long time and have seen many businesses getting good deals with simpler and structured UI design of their website.

We will first try to analyze your business goal and then fix our focus on planning the best UI for your landing page. If you have a well-planned landing page then your chances of retaining visitor on your website increases. We make sure to design your landing page in a way that it responds to all window sizes and can also highlight your brand’s product and services.

Making your web page interactive with clear cut information is the basis of good web design. And we at Webomind make sure to impart a powerful visual appearance to your web page.

Increasing web page loading speed, and making navigation of website easier is the thing among UX design strategies we master. Making the